Backup for Exchange

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange is a safe, all-in-one Microsoft Exchange mailbox, public folders and SharePoint backup solution that lets you create and manage backup copies of your data and store it on your local drives. This server application also performs data restore operations on all levels of granularity – from individual items to whole mailboxes or SharePoint sites. The smart item versioning mechanism lets you undo data loss or damage caused by user errors and other such factors.

Automatic backup of Exchange mailboxes

Easily manage automatic backup of Exchange mailboxes. Use CodeTwo Backup for Exchange’s graphical console to schedule incremental backups, perform one-time archiving actions, browse through backed up mailboxes, recover deleted items, restore data to original or new locations, and lots more.

Automatic backup of Exchange public folders

Create backup copies of public folders and save them to your local drives. Rest assured that no vital emails, contacts, calendars or any other items are permanently deleted from your Exchange organisation. 

Automatic backup of SharePoint data

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange lets you create automatic backup copies of SharePoint 2016 and 2013 data and keep it safe in another location. You can keep copies of entire site collections, individual sites, libraries, and even single files. Then, easily restore SharePoint data to the same or another location any time you require.

Support for Microsoft 365

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange allows you to back up and restore Microsoft 365 data as well, i.e. Exchange Online mailboxes and public folders, SharePoint Online site collections and team sites, as well as OneDrive for Business users data.

Migrate SharePoint

Use CodeTwo Backup for Exchange to migrate the content from one on-premise SharePoint instance to another. The program will let you quickly and easily download data from the source SharePoint environment and then restore it to a different SharePoint site, library, or folder, on the same or another environment.

Multiple backup scenarios

You can set up the application to run cyclic incremental backups of your mailboxes and public folders, or perform a one-time backup creating a snapshot of your mailbox and/or public folders database. CodeTwo Backup for Exchange operates in the background and is invisible to end-users.

Efficient and reliable

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange keeps backed up data in storages that are more efficient in terms of data allocation, and easier to browse and manage than built-in Microsoft Exchange repositories. The application allows you create multiple points of recovery, ensuring that all versions of your data are there when you need them.

Incremental backups

Set CodeTwo Backup for Exchange to create recurring incremental backups of mailboxes and public folders. The first backup cycle will create a full copy of the selected scope of data. In consecutive cycles, the program will only add layers containing new changes in Exchange mailboxes and/or public folders.

Storage archiving and exports to PST

Ensure 100% safety of your data by setting up automatic archiving jobs on storages. You can also set CodeTwo Backup for Exchange to export backed-up Exchange data to PST files, letting you diversify your backup methods.

Retention policies

Manage used disk space by defining the retention policies for your storages, archives and PST exports.

Brick-level backup copies

Run backup tasks for selected mailboxes, items older or younger than a defined number of days, or specific folder types. CodeTwo Backup for Exchange creates backup copies which reflect the structure of source mailboxes. Items can be easily found and previewed in the program’s graphical Admin Panel.

Granular recovery

Thanks to the granularity of backup copies created by the software, administrators can easily restore data in bulk or on a one-by-one basis. With the point in time restoration feature in place, successive versions of data can be browsed, previewed and restored with ease.

User-friendly search tools

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange comes with a filter-assisted search tool and with a full preview of backed up items. You can filter items based on keywords, time frames and other item characteristics.

Restore items to source or other location

By default, CodeTwo Backup for Exchange suggests restoring items to the folder they were downloaded from. But you can also tell the program to restore data to other folders (even newly created) or different mailboxes.

All folder types

You can back up all types of Exchange folders, be it email, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals or notes. It’s also possible to exclude special folders such as Junk E-mail from being backed up.

Support for physical and virtual machines

Choose which option is the most convenient and suitable for you and install the program on your local PC or a Windows-based virtual machine on-premise or in the cloud (e.g. on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine).

Minimise expenses and maximize efficiency

You can back up multiple Exchange and SharePoint servers using the same license key. Setup CodeTwo Backup for Exchange on any number of computers, create multiple backup repositories, and automate all your backup and recovery admin tasks in your organisation.

Security by default

To protect the data processed by CodeTwo Backup for Exchange, our software incorporates various strict security measures that are implemented according to requirements defined in our ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018-certified Information Security Management System. All security options are enabled without the need to set anything up.

Legal requirements

Use CodeTwo Backup for Exchange to fulfill legal requirements and avoid unpleasant legal actions or fines for not respecting the law. Check what legal acts may affect your organisation and make sure that you are complying with the law.