CodeTwo Exchange Rules

CodeTwo Exchange Rules is a server application designed to help admins centralise the management of email signatures and disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange Server. This Exchange signature manager will help you easily set up professional signatures for all the employees in your organsation, without any configuration on their computers or mobile devices.

Unify and centrally control email signatures and disclaimers

Create personalised signatures using an HTML editor with Active Directory fields

Add signatures directly under the latest reply in email correspondence

Add company logo, photos & other graphics to emails in-line (not as an attachment)


View signatures in the Sent Items folder in senders email clients

Create different signature templates for various sender and recipient groups/types


Add signatures in HTML, RTF and Plain Text formats

Add marketing banners to all or selected emails

Support for all brands of mobile devices used by senders (e.g. iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Outlook, Entourage, OWA etc.)

Unify email signatures
in your company

Watch this video to see how our program can help you create uniform email signatures & disclaimers for all the employees in your organisation.