About CodeTwo

CodeTwo is a highly trusted independent software vendor and is recognised as Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year 2019

With over 12 years of expertise in developing our technology and applications, CodeTwo is globally recognised for award-winning email signature management, data migration, and backup solutions. With over 80 dedicated professionals to creating highly trustworthy and secure products.

Why CodeTwo?

Over the last 12 years, CodeTwo has created a brand that is recognised globally for its high-quality software solutions and outstanding customer service. Find out why so many companies decided to trust their products.


Simplicity Is Everything

Even when complex tasks are done in the background, our software is always easy to use. The goal is to deliver precise, logical, instinctive, efficient and reliable software.

In-House Software

The CodeTwo software is entirely designed and developed on the CodeTwo’s premises. To ensure safety and integrity, no outsourcing is implemented during development projects to any other companies.

We Thoroughly Test Our Software

CodeTwo programs are constantly being tested (manually) by highly trained QA specialists and developers, and are continuously subject to comprehensive automated tests. 

Highly Trained Technical Staff

No customer support is outsourced and the technical experts work hand in hand with the software developers. 


Reliable & Secure

The CodeTwo programs integrate Microsoft’s security solutions, have failsafe mechanisms in place, and are created with our ISO-certified management system in mind. CodeTwo also fully compliant with the GDPR.

24-Hour Customer Support

You get 24-hour customer support, 5 days a week, through email or call.

Widely Recognised

CodeTwo programs are preferred solutions on platforms such as MS AppSource, and are featured in Gartner, Forbes, Newsweek and The Guardian. You can also find CodeTwo on Microsoft Customer Stories website

Microsoft Gold Partner

CodeTwo is not only Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019, but they also hold the following MPN competencies: Gold Cloud Platform, Gold Application Development, Silver Cloud Productivity and Silver Datacenter. 

Highly Trained Technical Staff

More than 80,000 companies from 150 countries all over the world utilise the CodeTwo software every single day. Below is a list of some of the companies that have utilised CodeTwo so far.

CodeTwo Clients

CodeTwo’s solutions are popular with large, medium-sized and small companies alike. Below you will find a short selection of over eighty thousand brands that use CodeTwo software all around the world!